Saturday, July 05, 2008

Still home

The other day my sister Nancy and I were talking (ok...maybe texting...hehe) and I told her we were lucky and she agreed. We are blessed and lucky on so many levels and the reason is because while we don't know how much longer we will have our mother with us on this earth we are getting to spend so much quality time with her right now. We have set aside our jobs and our families at home to take turns in taking care of our mom and I feel that nothing can replace this special time that we have with her now.

How much time do we have in this world? How many years are each of us given? Is it already decided from the moment we are born? Can we change what is ultimately our fate? I don't have the answers but I try to take each day and find something positive no matter what. The fact that my nephew who was just 29 years old passed away from injuries he sustained in a car accident just goes to show you that none of us really know when we will leave this world and join our Father in heaven. Sometimes it takes a 10 year old to make me stop and realize that things aren't all perfect and rosy and it's ok to say, "hey....this sucks really bad right now!" Last night Alex was upset and I thought it was because he couldn't go play with his friend across the street but when I questioned him about it he looked at me and said, "There is so much pressure right now, ma...everything, just everything...cousin Jason and grandma...I can't take it!" I suppose sometimes I can't 'take it' either but I have no choice, I just do what needs to be done and keep going day by day...taking care of my family, going to work, cleaning my home and now doing whatever it takes to bring my mom safely here to stay with us so that I can make her feel safe and loved and help her be well enough to take care of herself.

So I was supposed to leave tonight to head down to mom's for 2 weeks but since she is still in the hospital Nancy decided that she would stay another week so that I didn't have to come down with Alex just yet. It is really a hardship for me to have Alex down there and try to take care of mom at the same time and having her in the hospital makes it that much harder, I can't possibly give mom the care that she needs and still attend to my little boy as well.

Simply put and to quote 2 of my dearest friends in the world, "Nancy rocks!" because she knows just what mom needs and she is there for her right now and this gives me a few more days to help Jim prepare the room that will be mom's 'vacation bedroom' here in our home.

Today was a day of family painting and working together and we got a lot accomplished. You can't really appreciate it in the photo but the lavender color that mom picked out when Nancy took her to Home Depot last week looks so pretty on the walls! We are almost done and ready to put some carpeting down in this room!

My project for tomorrow is to make an upholstered headboard and I hope it turns out nice! I will post about it when I'm done with it, wish me luck!

Alex and I did some of the trim and tomorrow I will go over it with white glossy paint to make it extra special.

Jim worked hard all day from 10am until nearly midnight! He is selfless and won't stop working until this project is complete because to him family comes first above anything else and he knows my mom is coming to live with us and the house has to be ready for her . :)


Anonymous said...

(((HUGS))) my dear friend. :)

The color of the paint looks great! Your mom is going to love it. You have an exceptional "team" helping out with your mom's needs.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

You know ma, there was times in Iraq where me and my boys didn't think we were going to make it, under fire and under pressure. But the reason we pulled through is because of one another, and you need to look at it like that. You've got your family, keep them close and look to them for support. That little boy, who's turning into a little man, he'll always manage to put a smile on your face, and I'll do my best to do the same. You've got Jesse, as crazy as he makes you sometimes, he is trying, harder than I've ever seen him try before. Most importantly, you've got dad, you two have built this family together, and have seen the ins and outs, good and bad. Home is not your house or your garden or backyard, it's your family, and I can't wait to come "home".


Anonymous said...

Hi Lin, I am sure your mom will love the room, it looks great! I hope she's able to travel soon, so that you can concentrate on her care there at your own home and not have to "commute" back and forth. She continues to be in my prayers, and Maureen's too. Take care and treasure the time with her----in retrospect, it will seem to have gone so fast.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

good work

I will give this address to your uncle so he will have news,
I am praying for your family

love cousin Madeleine

sandi said...

The progress on the room is coming along great! Be sure to take pics of mom's expression when she sees it! :-)

btw...Jim looks like a Sknny Malink in that picture! LOLOL!