Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moving right along!

We are almost done with mom's new bedroom! Yesterday Jason's best friend, Joe, came by and installed the rug for us. We are blessed that he used to install carpeting for a living and still has all of his tools so he got that in pretty quickly! Here I am teasing him that I know he's camera shy but that he is going to be on my blog anyway.

Making sure that the doorway is safe for mom to navigate with her walker and there is no way she will trip getting into her room.

After Joe was done we all shared a nice meal together and then Alex surveyed the room and of course had to make sure that the new walker is good on the carpeting and he said it rolls nice and smooth.

Testing out the seat for comfiness...yep, it works good!

Waiting for our guest to arrive soon!
Just a few more finished touches need to be added like a couple pictures on the walls and last night I picked up a small recliner for the room so Jim is picking that up today on his way home from work with his van.


sandi said...

Wow! The room is looking great! It's going to look wonderful once it's all furnished. :-) Your mom's going to love it! How fortunate for you that Joe came over to install the carpet. :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely my cousin will love her new room

hope she is coming soon


Anonymous said...

Your "vacation bedroom" looks wonderful, Lin, and I know your mom will appreciate all your efforts to make her comfortable. Glad to hear that you have been able to get some recommendations for doctors, I know that is a relief to be prepared and to have people whom you can trust.
Am passing all this on to Maureen, too, and both of us continue to send love and prayers to both you and Denise.

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

The paint color and the carpet look fantastic!! It's all coming together really nice.


Laura said...

What a beautiful room. It looks like a hotel suite.
After your mom recovers, can I come and live there?! ;)