Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid week update

Just a quick update as the week progresses here. Mom is on her monthly chemotherapy treatment right now (day 3 of 5 days of oral chemo so only 2 more after today!) and she is pretty tired but we managed to make a short trip to Walmart this morning to get a few small groceries and I was pleasantly surprised when I came in from the garage to see mom unloading the food from the bags on the counter. :)

I gave her a nice foot massage this evening and she went to bed early, by 9:30 she was wiped out and for good reason. Tomorrow we are seeing her radiation oncologist for the last time and then she has physical therapy and speech therapy....a busy day.

By the way, for those of you that are keeping track...basically this is what's left of my downstairs bathroom. Yikes...I sure hope it's done by the time I get home this weekend.


Anonymous said...

lol on the bathroom. But it sounds like you have an upstairs bathroom. When my bathroom looked like that all I had was an outhouse. Ahhh the memories... did I mention it was the dead of winter and we had an icestorm?

Your mother looks good in her photos. Glad to see she has some energy.

June said...

Your mom really looks good Linda.

Now the bathroom, not so much LOL

We redid the bathroom in our second house, won't do that again. But it was fun, and I loved it when we were finished.

Hope it's all done when y'all get up there!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your mom got some speech therapy lined up Lin. You should get some good pointers from the therapist.

The bathroom will all come together. That kind of stuff always does. It might not be completely done by the time you get home but it will be really close. Jim will make it happen.