Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

Just taking a few moments to blog while mom is taking her nap. Nancy went home last night and arrived safely and is now enjoying a much needed and well deserved weekend with her husband after being down here taking care of mom for 2 weeks. I am in awe of Nancy's hard work with mom, I honestly think she missed her calling, she would have made a great therapist! I only hope I can be as good as she is when it comes to taking care of mom once she is living with us.

Took the opportunity to snap a shot of mom resting peacefully this morning after we made a very quick trip to the local Walmart. She is doing so much better at getting up and down from her couch whereas a few weeks ago when I was here she couldn't get back up from the couch alone because her legs were so weak.

Nancy got a ton of goodies to work with mom on her fine motor, memory and physical skills. Little by little we are getting her back stronger and better but it is very challenging. A small 24 piece puzzle can present difficulty to someone who has recently had a seizure much less has brain cancer so we work with mom on even the smallest things like this to try to get her better. She completed the puzzle with moderate help from me and we will try it again later and see how she does with the same puzzle.

Jesse was able to get a shot of mom's bed in her room that was delivered today, I think it looks great and the height is going to be perfect because as you can see we got a 'low profile' boxspring for her. I can hardly wait to put the sheets and bedspread on it and attach my headboard and see how it all looks.


Anonymous said...



from her place to yours?


Anonymous said...

Linda, you and Nancy are doing such a fantastic job. It's good to hear that she is making gains following the seizure. Those activites are perfect for her. She is looking good!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lin, I know what a relief it will be for you to be done commuting between Long Island and Melbourne. So hard for you to care for both your family & your mom, trying to cover all the bases. At least Alex is older now and can understand better, and be helpful too, bless his heart! You are in my prayers, dear heart, hang in there. You are a strong woman and I know you can do this.