Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy week!

For those of you that read my blog for updates on mom, I apologize for the lack of it this week but it's been busy.

On sunday we had a monsoonal rain storm that passed through here and the rain was insane! We lost power for about 2 hours and I set out in search of something open to get food and finally found the Wendy's in Moriches still had power and was open, thankfully.

Monday I went to work while my next door neighbor, Nilda, came over to stay and visit with mom. The rain from sunday really did some damage to the library where I work, there were leaks where I had never seen them before, ceiling tiles were filled with water and close to collapsing and just general wet spots everywhere!! Hopefully the insurance will approve a quick fix and the roof can be replace once and for all, I can't believe how many books were wet and damaged and will have to be thrown goes against everything I believe in but there isn't anything I can do about mother nature's hand.


Paul & Nancy said...

Oh no... the books... not the books! Mom looks good.

June said...

Awww Linda, I am sorry to hear about the storm. We donated some more books to the local library this week, we just can't stand to throw them away. That is just a shame to hear so many were damaged.