Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank you to my son who is overseas

I miss you, Rob...very much.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, this was the perfect picture for today.

Not bad...

...for a 51 year old!

Today as I celebrate the day that my mom brought me into this world I can't help but be proud of myself and how hard I have been working to train for the Race for Hope that will take place just 31 days from today.

I know that she's looking down on me and cheering me on every step, every mile that I put it and I will make her proud on May 1st. The time was a bit more than I had hoped for yesterday but the first 5 minutes are always just a warmup walk for me on the treadmill at a 2.5 pace so all in all not a bad time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday and tuesday...

...just a couple of P.A.D. to share from yesterday and monday.

We decided to open up the right side of the yard and take down the fencing that we had over there...from the end of the deck and over we had a fenced in small 'play yard' that we had created for Alex when he was little so that he would be able to play out there and I could watch him from the window as I worked because I had my desk in the living room for a long time and I worked from home doing medical billing data entry.

It later became "Pookie's area" and I have hated it because of the poop situation back there and since the poop patrol only works but every couple of months around these parts the entire back yard is open to any poopers! HAHA! Soooo....I have been asking Jim to section off another spot in the yard right by the back door where we let the dogs out and we are recycling the wood to do that which is great!

So the fencing is up and now the area on the patio just outside the door is going to be closed off with the white lattice to match the screened in porch where the hot tub is. The dogs will now have only a small patch of yard to do their business and it will be much easier to keep up with it since there isn't really any grass that grows there.

More to come later today, hopefully.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hard to believe but this is the last weekend of March, I am so ready for spring!!

Today I did a bit of grocery shopping and stopped at Michael's to pick up 2 sheets of bazzill that I needed to cut a title for an upcoming 2 page layout I'll be doing.

I was thrilled to see these Le Plume markers on clearance for $4.99 each set! They are usually $20.99 so this was a bargain for sure!!! Had to share, this is my picture a day for March 26th.

I did a 2 page layout using my "In My kitchen" kitchen cartridge. I cut the title, the mixer, pot and oven mitts. I like the way it turned out and I'm really glad I was able to use that cartridge.

Friday, March 25, 2011

High School Musical!!

Had a great time seeing the musical "Guys and Dolls" put on by the very talented kids in our local high school!! Today's P.A.D. is me and my friend, Ellen, in our seats. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here is a catch up on my P.A.D.

So I have a few days of my Picture a Day to get caught up on tonight. I've been working tons and just busy in general but I do make sure that I take some sort of picture each and every day either with my cell phone or my camera.

So starting with monday I received my new scrapbooking tool in the mail and I love it!! =) This is a piercing tool and will really come in handy!! I really love the pink mat that came with it, as well. :)

On tuesday I came home from work and made myself a huge salad and topped it off with some avocado. It was delish!!! I never really liked avocado before I started taking care of mom during her illness and battle with cancer and I guess because of her love for it I started to like and now I truly just LOVE it!!! Not to mention the fact that it is soft and great for someone like me with TMJ issues.

Last night I spend some time in my scrapbook room before I went down to watch American Idol and I love the way these cute bunches of tulips turned out!! I love the Walk in my Garden cartridge and I know I will be using it quite a bit.

The bulletin board in the video room at work got a nice makeover today from me. :) I love the way it turned out and I truly enjoy using the cricut at work!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday's P.A.D.

I made a couple of cards tonight for 2 has been out because she slipped on ice and hurt her back and the other recently had surgery for an aneurysm. I keep them both in my prayers.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday morning...

...just chilling out on the deck having breakfast! It's chilly and windy out this morning but with the sun coming through the glass the deck is warm and it's great to sit out there with our breakfast.

I have done a P.A.D. now for almost 3 months, still can't believe I'm doing it!! Yay me!!

I am hoping to spend some time in my scrap room today and work on a layout for a challenge on my scrapbook message board.

I got in a 45 minute brisk walk yesterday, tried again to jog a bit but the jaw started to hurt...**sigh** At least I'm trying and I guess it's more about finishing and getting the donations to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking, working and taking photos

Yesterday was so beautiful out that I decided to set out on a nice walk with my iPod. When I was done I had walked over 3 I did a 5K in about 64 minutes, not too bad. I really have to be careful with the running because it does tend to make my TMJ flare up!! I feel good as long as I'm able to get the exercise in, though. I walked by the high school and decided to pay a visit to the Armed Forces Memorial that stands out in front of the school. Really nice to look at, it was nicely done and I'm proud of the fact that I had a brick put in for my friend's son who received the purple heart for being injured while on deployment to Iraq. I really wanted to get a brick for my son but he didn't want me to get him one and I honored his wish.

This morning I went into work early because my friend, Ellen, had the day off so I had to open and put out the newspapers and turn on all the computer (we have about 30 of them!!) I love this time of the morning when it is all quiet before we open and there isn't anyone around. Once we open the doors the place can get pretty busy! I am happy to have the weekend off to just relax a bit and get some things done in my scrapbook room.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It is so hard for me to look at the way Alex keeps his schoolwork especially because I am so organized. I have to just not really bug him too much about it but I truly hope that he will try to be a bit better in high school. This isn't the best photo but you get the idea, this is his math binder...YIKES!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I did at my class on monday night

My P.A.D. for today is the layout I did on monday night, added a few finishing touches.

Catching up!

I am a few days behind but figured I would post and get caught up this morning before getting ready for work. Here are my P.A.D. for 3/11 through 3/14.

Last night I had a really great time at my monthly scrapbook class at the library and we did an awesome layout, I have a few finished touches of my own that I wanted to add so I'll post it either later today or tomorrow for my P.A.D.

I love the way this layout turned out, I have been wanting to scrap my Rocky Horror days and I found the font online and was really thrilled with the way it turned out.

I spent some time this weekend cleaning up the entire deck so that I can start enjoying it, this time of year when the sun is warm enough it gets really nice and toasty in there even if it is cold outside, it's like sitting in a greenhouse. I love sitting out there to read or just have my coffee in the mornings.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A couple days behind... I'm playing catch up...for wednesday here is a picture of me at work...well my view, anyway!! HAHAHA! Lots of my time is spent sitting on the floor or kneeling because we have been doing an inventory of the entire collection and when it comes down to the lower 2 shelves you have no choice but to get down low. I looked up the aisle and thought this would be a good one for my P.A.D.

I have been working on a layout for the past few days and I finally finished it last night. This will go into my "BOM" or Book of Me and I am very happy with it, this memory is so very special and precious to me that I don't ever want to forget it and I want future generations to see the photos and read the journaling and know how much it meant to me.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Scrap page

I wasn't able to post this layout when I finished it because it was for my scrapbook board and I had to wait until everyone was done and all the layouts were shared. I was excited that I used some of the bling that I got on my big haul at Michael's a few weeks back. I cut the pumpkin with my October 31 cricut cartridge as well as the "Pumpkin Patch" sign and I backed it up with orange glitter paper that I had in my stash.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Today's P.A.D.

Today I asked one of my co-workers to take more photos of the Irish display I did because my sister wanted to see it here we go!!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Today I took the train into the city to meet my friend, Sandi, for lunch. As it turned out she missed her train so I had 40 minutes to kill and instead of going to sit on my ass in Starbucks and read I decided that I would put my headphones in and hit my "walking" playlist on my Ipod and walk I did...a 30 minute power walk all around Penn Station and up and down all of the staircases...I found some hallways I never knew where there and a killer staircase that really kicked my butt!! 30 minutes later I cooled down for a few minutes and Sandi got there and we had our lunch at Kabooz in Penn Station. Thanks to the server who took our picture so this is my picture for today. :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday night out

I didn't get a chance to finish that layout yet but I do have the photos out and will get it done soon. Tonight was all about jazz music as my friend, Paula, and I went to see Chris Botti and if I'm not mistaken this was our 5th time seeing him live. Another great concert, they played for 2 hours and did all my favorites including Cinema Paradiso, Ave Maria, My funny Valentine, Indian Summer, Italia and one of the best songs on his latest CD-Nessun Dorma!!!

I got a little emotional because Chris actually opened the show with Ave Maria and that was my mom's favorite song of his and I know how much she would have loved that performance, she loved Chris' music just as much as I do.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Monthly Open House at my friend's house

I really enjoy these evenings, once a month! My friend, Laurie, who I also got to teach at my library, has an open house once per month and it is very rare that I miss it!!!

She was worried that I wouldn't like this because I don't have girls but I told her that I have girlfriends and that I would have no problem finding use for this layout!!

I am working on the 2nd page and will hopefully add the photos and post that tomorrow. :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011


The day is almost over but I needed to get this posted. My P.A.D. for today...I am sad to see this store go, I worked there for about a year and it was a great time for me.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

P.A.D. 3/1 and 3/2

Not quite sure when this happened but somehow my son is wearing size 9 1/2-10 sneakers...I guess he's going to have big feet like his brothers! He is only 13 and already pretty tall!! Where does the time go? So I was just sitting on the couch last night watching Biggest Loser and I glanced down and saw his sneakers there and decided that would be my picture.

I finished up another display at work today, this one is all about Irish-American authors and celebrating the Irish culture in light of St Patrick's Day coming up soon! I think it turned out really cute and the librarian was pleased with it.
Just another day at my awesome job!! This is by far my favorite job I have had in my life, before this I would have to say that when I worked at Blockbuster video it was the best! I am sad to see that the store where I worked is finally going out of business, I noticed the signs today...I guess Netflix is finally going to put most of the brick and mortar video stores out of business. My P.A.D. for today is my display, maybe tomorrow I will take a photo of where I worked back in the 90's to remember it by before the store is totally empty.