Sunday, March 06, 2011


Today I took the train into the city to meet my friend, Sandi, for lunch. As it turned out she missed her train so I had 40 minutes to kill and instead of going to sit on my ass in Starbucks and read I decided that I would put my headphones in and hit my "walking" playlist on my Ipod and walk I did...a 30 minute power walk all around Penn Station and up and down all of the staircases...I found some hallways I never knew where there and a killer staircase that really kicked my butt!! 30 minutes later I cooled down for a few minutes and Sandi got there and we had our lunch at Kabooz in Penn Station. Thanks to the server who took our picture so this is my picture for today. :)


Scrappy Gal said...

What a great way to pass the time waiting!! Great photo of the 2 of you.

Nancy said...

lunch? again? Time passes so quickly.