Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here is a catch up on my P.A.D.

So I have a few days of my Picture a Day to get caught up on tonight. I've been working tons and just busy in general but I do make sure that I take some sort of picture each and every day either with my cell phone or my camera.

So starting with monday I received my new scrapbooking tool in the mail and I love it!! =) This is a piercing tool and will really come in handy!! I really love the pink mat that came with it, as well. :)

On tuesday I came home from work and made myself a huge salad and topped it off with some avocado. It was delish!!! I never really liked avocado before I started taking care of mom during her illness and battle with cancer and I guess because of her love for it I started to like and now I truly just LOVE it!!! Not to mention the fact that it is soft and great for someone like me with TMJ issues.

Last night I spend some time in my scrapbook room before I went down to watch American Idol and I love the way these cute bunches of tulips turned out!! I love the Walk in my Garden cartridge and I know I will be using it quite a bit.

The bulletin board in the video room at work got a nice makeover today from me. :) I love the way it turned out and I truly enjoy using the cricut at work!!

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Scrappy Gal said...

Beautiful flowers Linda!! Love the bulletin board too :)