Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday and tuesday...

...just a couple of P.A.D. to share from yesterday and monday.

We decided to open up the right side of the yard and take down the fencing that we had over there...from the end of the deck and over we had a fenced in small 'play yard' that we had created for Alex when he was little so that he would be able to play out there and I could watch him from the window as I worked because I had my desk in the living room for a long time and I worked from home doing medical billing data entry.

It later became "Pookie's area" and I have hated it because of the poop situation back there and since the poop patrol only works but every couple of months around these parts the entire back yard is open to any poopers! HAHA! Soooo....I have been asking Jim to section off another spot in the yard right by the back door where we let the dogs out and we are recycling the wood to do that which is great!

So the fencing is up and now the area on the patio just outside the door is going to be closed off with the white lattice to match the screened in porch where the hot tub is. The dogs will now have only a small patch of yard to do their business and it will be much easier to keep up with it since there isn't really any grass that grows there.

More to come later today, hopefully.

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