Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking, working and taking photos

Yesterday was so beautiful out that I decided to set out on a nice walk with my iPod. When I was done I had walked over 3 I did a 5K in about 64 minutes, not too bad. I really have to be careful with the running because it does tend to make my TMJ flare up!! I feel good as long as I'm able to get the exercise in, though. I walked by the high school and decided to pay a visit to the Armed Forces Memorial that stands out in front of the school. Really nice to look at, it was nicely done and I'm proud of the fact that I had a brick put in for my friend's son who received the purple heart for being injured while on deployment to Iraq. I really wanted to get a brick for my son but he didn't want me to get him one and I honored his wish.

This morning I went into work early because my friend, Ellen, had the day off so I had to open and put out the newspapers and turn on all the computer (we have about 30 of them!!) I love this time of the morning when it is all quiet before we open and there isn't anyone around. Once we open the doors the place can get pretty busy! I am happy to have the weekend off to just relax a bit and get some things done in my scrapbook room.

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