Thursday, January 29, 2009

And 38.........

..........days until we spring forward!!

Mom's MRI went well and we will be going to the doctor's on tuesday to find out how things look so I'll do my best to post that evening. Weather permitting we will leave early and stop at Olive Garden for lunch before going to the doctor's office, I haven't eaten there in ages and same for mom so she's looking forward to it.

I went to my crafts club last night at the library but since the weather was nasty no one showed up so I had the whole room to myself, it was pretty funny because a couple of my co workers came in to see what I was doing and we laughed that I was alone in a big room.

Have a good thursday everyone!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did you know that...

....there are only 42 days left until daylight savings time? Ok so I'll admit that I seriously hate winter and the fact that it gets dark early is totally depressing to me so I count the days until we can change the clocks ahead an hour and get some more daylight into our day. Secretly I long for the warmth of spring and the new growth that follows because honestly once the holidays are over and the new year has come I just want to fast forward through January and February, they are by far my 2 least favorite months of the year.

Do you get cabin fever when it's too cold to go out? Well I guess that's what happened with mom this past week. Even though the weather has been chilly here for someone who not only has been living in Florida for a long time but is ill and has trouble keeping warm in general she wanted to go out and asked me to get her out of the house!

Please...can we go out today???????????????

Ok, so I thought about it and decided that the little mall nearby would be a good idea and we could walk around with the wheelchair and get lunch and then come home. Alex had testing at school last week so he got home at 11:00 on friday and we left shortly thereafter, having him with me was great because he loves to push grandma in the wheelchair and he's great for holding open the doors when I need help. The time that he is getting to spend with his grandma now is invaluable and something that he will remember for the rest of his life.

There are just a few stores in this mall and as you can see there really aren't very many people walking around at was just nice to get out a bit and when we got home mom took a 3 hour nap!! I think the fresh air did her a world of good and she asked me if we could go again the next day so on saturday I took her again on my own since Alex was hanging out with dad. :)

Tomorrow is mom's MRI so we are hoping to have a good report from that when she goes to her doctor next week.

Here is a layout I did from my monthly class that I went to last week.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!!!

It's beyond cold, this is some of the coldest weather we've seen in years!! Wouldn't you know it I have the bad luck of scheduling mom's MRI for today so I decided that it was way too cold to risk taking her out in this and rescheduled for the 26th with the OK from the oncologist. He's going to have her blood workup drawn so we can still get her levels and counts checked out even though we don't see him until February 3rd now. Thankfully the blood lab comes to the house and that doesn't require taking mom out in the frigid weather!

More later...........

**Edited to say it is currently 3 degrees at the moment!!**

I went out earlier for a few groceries and when I got back mom had 2 sweaters and 2 blankets on...mind you I keep my thermostat at 71 for her where I would normally keep it at 68. I hope this cold spell leaves us and SOON!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lots to talk about this week

I haven't had the time to really sit and write since last week, life gets so busy and before you know it another week has flown by. I hope that continues to happen and that spring comes and visits us soon! To say that I really hate the months of January and February would be a gross understatement because quite frankly once the holidays are over I am depressed and hate the cold and just wish for March to get here already so that I can feel that the warmer months are finally approaching. I love the newness of spring with all of the growth on the trees and the flowers blooming all over the place, it's a great time of year. So hurry up, spring!

One thing I didn't post about on my Christmas blog is some exciting news that we got, a holiday gift for our family if you will. I had to keep quiet about it because not everyone knew and since my sister's stepson (my nephew, Josh) is in Navy boot camp and he had to be told before he found out about it from someone else. Sooooooooooooooo, now that everyone knows pretty much and I don't have to keep it a secret............

.......drum roll please.............

Meet my new yet unnamed nephew!!! My baby sister is expecting a little boy in June and I for one cannot WAIT for that day to happen. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of joy when we all found out. First of all I was video taping as mom opened up the card that Nancy and Paul gave her and she immediately went into that ugly cry that you get when you are so overwhelmed and I knew it had to be something amazing but I had NO IDEA and then mom turned the card around and I saw that little bundle and I just lost it! Everyone was thrilled, even my oldest son Jesse had tears in his eyes when he was hugging his aunt. It was truly a magical christmas for us all and I cannot wait to hold this little boy in my arms and shower him with love (and presents of course, hehehe) and not to mention SCRAPBOOK his life!! Whooo!!!

Alex is really excited that he is going to have another cousin, as well. Here he is touching his 'cousin' and then reading "Goodnight Moon" to the baby, how cute is he? It's a nighttime ritual that he loved doing for Aunt Nancy since Uncle Paul went out that night to see Jim's band play at a club nearby.

So of course a new year brings with it thoughts of what you want to accomplish and for me that usually means some sort of organization. I know that last year at this time I redid my whole room complete with peg board, shelving, etc. Well I saw this on a message board and loved the idea so I went to Target and got the shoe cubbie and this is what I came up with, great storage for my die cutting area, I love it!!!

On friday morning I am taking mom for her MRI and we are hoping for good news at her follow up appointment with her doctor on the 21st. Please keep the prayers coming!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mom update

Wow I still can't believe that it is actually 2009!!! I remember when I was younger that I would think that in the year 2000 I would be 40 years old since I was born in 1960...whoa, I'm turning 49 this more year and it will be the big 5-0 for me!! Eeeeekkk!!!

We started off the new year with mom getting a much needed haircut from my sister in law, Maria. :) She came over on her lunch hour and cut mom's hair for her and mom really loved it! It was getting really long and since the surgery site was shaved her hair was uneven so now it can grow all together. It's pretty funny that mom paid to have her hair curly for so many years and now that the hair is growing back after the radiation she has curly hair!!

It gets boring sitting around doing nothing and thankfully through modern technology mom was able to chat with Nancy, Robert and her cousin Madeleine on the webcam and that made her very happy! Of course Pookie has to watch her every move.

Things are going pretty good here. Mom is working hard with her physical therapist and tomorrow we have an appointment with her neurologist but the big test will be on the 16th when we get an MRI so please keep us in your prayers that we get good news again, the last MRI showed that the surgeon was able to remove everything!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

I couldn't start off a new year without doing what I love and that is scrapbook! This was a challenge on the scrapbooking message board I belong to and it was to use up your holiday cards in a layout, I love the way this turned out. I used one of the cards to place my journaling behind it as a tag that you pull out. I hope that I get plenty of time to scrap this coming year, I certainly have a lot of pictures!!

I watched the ball drop last night with Alex, he and I were the only ones up...honestly I could have gone to bed, I was pretty tired...but Alex said he wanted to stay up and he didn't want to miss the new year. How could I refuse him, seriously? You know, I just feel with children you have to take these special moments and cherish them and never let them go. At the stroke of midnight that little boy hugged me and said, "Happy New year, mom, I love you!" Does it get any better than that? Come on, does it? I think not!!

Today Jim and Robert and Alex went fact as I type they aren't home yet...Jim is going to have a rough time getting up for work in about 7 hours!! LOL!! Mom and I had a nice quiet day together, we watched a few episodes of "John and Kate Plus 8" and mom played a little bit of Chuzzle and Bejeweled on her computer which was nice to see, I told her that it's good for her to play the games and use her brain as much as possible.

Happy 2009 to everyone who reads my blog. I hope that the coming year brings you all peace and happiness and that all of your dreams come true.