Thursday, January 29, 2009

And 38.........

..........days until we spring forward!!

Mom's MRI went well and we will be going to the doctor's on tuesday to find out how things look so I'll do my best to post that evening. Weather permitting we will leave early and stop at Olive Garden for lunch before going to the doctor's office, I haven't eaten there in ages and same for mom so she's looking forward to it.

I went to my crafts club last night at the library but since the weather was nasty no one showed up so I had the whole room to myself, it was pretty funny because a couple of my co workers came in to see what I was doing and we laughed that I was alone in a big room.

Have a good thursday everyone!


Anonymous said...

hope to here from you soon
love Madeleine

Ginger said...

mmmmm...Olive Garden! My favorite! I'm anxious to hear about the MRI. Prayers your way!

Sandi said...

Praying for a clean MRI report.