Monday, February 15, 2010

Change in plans this week

I'm a little disappointed, Alex is still coughing quite a bit and his nose is really congested so I have canceled my trip to visit baby Cole, I was supposed to leave with Alex this morning and visit until thursday with them. :( Now I have to wait until March to see my little nephew...just didn't want to change his getting sick from Alex and his germs.

So, I suppose this week I will spend some time cleaning the house and working in my new and improved scrapbooking studio.

Edited at 7:30pm

I had an amazing afternoon of shopping (had to get out of the house and escape the germs and the coughing for a while) and it was crazy what I found!!

I got this for $19.99-marked down from $100.00!!! Seriously you can't touch Heidi Swapp stuff for that price considering everything that is inside this bag! I figured whatever I don't want I can always donate to the scrapbook message board I am on for their auction to pay for the board fees so there was no way to lose here! I wish they had more than one in the store because I would have grabbed more, I could have given them as gifts!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

From last week’s weekend crop!

Scrapbook pages

Ok...I will post my pages as I get the pics taken and edited. This is a paper piecing pattern that I used to make the snowman with the heart and then I printed my journaling in the shape of a snowman to add the page. I created the background paper with my "Snow Friends" stamp set from Close to my Heart and then used my colored pencils to add a little bit of color to the snowmen at the bottom and top of the page.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick again!



Seriously can this winter just end,  please?  Alex woke up this morning and was all congested and couldn’t make it to school, of course because they are off all next week he had to pick TODAY to be sick!!  


2010-02-12- alex


I long for the warmer days of spring…to be able to step outside without gloves, scarves, COATS…I truly TRULY detest coats, doesn’t everyone?  I have to say though that the thing that really bugs me about the dead of winter is the static…that annoying little ‘shock’ that you get when you touch metal objects after you have walked across the floor or simply getting out of your car…how could rubbing my ass across the seat cause me to get zapped when I put my key in the door of my house? Seriously??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another big snowstorm!!

We are getting hit with a pretty big storm today and I have to say I don’t mind it knowing that everyone is safe and warm but I am also glad that we haven’t gotten nearly what they have down in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area!!  My sister is buried under probably about 3 feet of snow by now and I am supposed to go there to visit on monday of next week!  Yikes!! I hope I can still make the trip!!


Jim went to work this morning (I panicked and made him come home early because I was worried he would get stuck on the railroad) so Alex and I had to do some shoveling, luckily the next door neighbor’s kids wanted to come over and help us and I was more than happy to let them…hehehe.






Daisy loves running around in the snow but I had to bring her in now because the wind is really gusting and the snow is going sideways so it was time to call it a day. 03 

  Jim made is home safely and even went to the grocery store for a few things for us which was great that I didn’t have to go out.  Schools were closed today and I wonder if we will have another snow day tomorrow because it is still really snowing hard at the moment, I guess time will tell.


I do enjoy taking out my camera when the weather is like this and getting some pretty shots of different things around the yard like these berries that are in the back of the fence on our property, I’m not quite sure what they are but they are there all year round, anyone know??





Last weekend I was at a crop and I was able to complete quite a few layouts so as soon as I get the photos taken I will post a few to share.  In the meantime…it continues to snow…and ohhhhhhhh how I miss you my beautiful beach chair…please don’t give up on me, I will be sitting on you while I run my toes through the sand soon enough.