Monday, February 15, 2010

Change in plans this week

I'm a little disappointed, Alex is still coughing quite a bit and his nose is really congested so I have canceled my trip to visit baby Cole, I was supposed to leave with Alex this morning and visit until thursday with them. :( Now I have to wait until March to see my little nephew...just didn't want to change his getting sick from Alex and his germs.

So, I suppose this week I will spend some time cleaning the house and working in my new and improved scrapbooking studio.

Edited at 7:30pm

I had an amazing afternoon of shopping (had to get out of the house and escape the germs and the coughing for a while) and it was crazy what I found!!

I got this for $19.99-marked down from $100.00!!! Seriously you can't touch Heidi Swapp stuff for that price considering everything that is inside this bag! I figured whatever I don't want I can always donate to the scrapbook message board I am on for their auction to pay for the board fees so there was no way to lose here! I wish they had more than one in the store because I would have grabbed more, I could have given them as gifts!!!


sandi said...

Your room looks great, Lin!

Sandi said...

Great deal on the Heidi Swapp stuff!!

april said...

hope Alex is all better now

i din't visit for a long time Love


mama j said...

I'm JEALOUS of your space...that's partly why I haven't scrapped in so long-mine is overwhelming! :o(