Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rite Aid transaction yesterday

I stopped by Rite Aid yesterday to take advantage of the last day of the sale before the new week started.

Here is my transaction:

2 tubes of Arm & Hammer toothpaste at $3 each on sale
2 canisters of Frito Lays @ $1 each

Used: $7 in +Up rewards

OOP: $3.67
Received: $6 in +UP rewards

Total: $2.33 CREDIT!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Still organizing

I put all of my cricut booklets and overlays in photo storage boxes and added labels, of course they are filed in alphabetical order. :) I have a labeling machine that I had not used in a while so I'm glad I was able to pull it out and put it to good use for this project. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another great haul!!

Amazing shopping day today!!! I am beyond excited at everything that I got and how much money I saved our family!

My most incredible transaction would have to be my 2nd transaction at Rite Aid where I got 2 boxes of Fiber One cereal (usually $4.79 each) 4 of the Degree men's deodorants (also usually $4.79 each) and a bottle of Visine (regular price for that $4.99) and my grand total out of pocket for that transaction was 2 CENTS!!!!
Pretty sure that the cashier made a mistake because the tax was 33 cents and I know at CVS they don't allow you to use the Extra Care Bucks toward tax but hey, I wasn't complaining when she said, "You owe 2 cents!" Whoooo!!!!

You have to understand that this is fun for me but don't think that it is something that you just go out and takes some serious planning ahead. I have my flyers for all 5 stores that are all within a one mile radius of my house and I look them over pretty well before I plan out my day. I look at all the possible match-ups and put all the coupons for each store with that circular.

I also take my coupon binder with me in the car in case I see something on clearance in a store I can look to see if I have a coupon for that item. :)

So today I went to CVS, Rite Aid, Pathmark, King Kullen and Stop & Shop. One of the first things I like to do in the grocery stores is check for manager's specials in the meat dept, I've gotten really lucky doing that in the past.

Here is what I got today, even my hubby said, "Good job!' and my son wanted to know why I had so much stuff, my trunk was full and the rest was in the back seat! HAHAHA! Ok, so I have a small car, I'm exaggerating!

2 boxes of Fiber One Cereal ($1.50)
4 packages of Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets B1G1 free ($4.50)
2 Ronzoni Quick cook pasta (50 cents each)
2 Ronzoni Smart taste pasta
2 Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta

24 La Yogurt (25 cents each)
1 box of Ritz crackerfuls ($1)
1 package of Bagel-fuls (.90 cents)
1 Lysol Healthy Touch Soap dispenser (.49 cents)
1 Dial Body Wash (.99 cents)
4 John Frieda Hair Repair Treament and stylers (I had 4 of the $5/1 off coupons! These were pretty close to free!)
4 Degree Men's deodorant (.72 cents each)
12 Gatorades-32oz (.69 cents)
2 Nestle's Quick (free)
1 lb of strawberries
2 bananas (haha, needed yellow ones)
1 can black olives
1 vlasic relish (got paid .10 to take this)
2 I Can't believe it's not butter spray (whoo, there was a tear pad coupon for those!)
1 package of Perdue chicken strips ($2.14)
1 package of thin sliced chicken cutlets ($2 off manager special!!)
2 loaves of Fiber One bread (50 cents each)
6 Renuzit solids (.52 cents)

I tried to put some of the prices (after sale and coupons and any applicable +Up rewards or ECB's) whenever possible. shopping totals for all the stores for today............

$260.15 total

$74.35 out of pocket today
$10 in +UP rewards and ECB's still on hand
$64.35 total spent

Total savings on the day: $195.80

Until next time...happy shopping!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some organizational tips for your craft space

It has been a lot of fun these past few days working on some new ways to organize my cricut cartridges as well as my Stickles. I don’t take the credit for these ideas, I saw it on another blog and decided to go for it!!

I bought the clear velcro “coins” at my local Home Depot, I believe they were $6 or so. The magnetic circles were from Walmart! I tried to use regular magnet but it just wasn’t strong enough to hold. I used crazy glue on the bottom of the stickles bottles.

My cricut cartridges are now stored above my cricut on my pegboard in alphabetical order, the missing one is because my sister borrowed my Simply Charmed cart back in May so I saved a spot for that one when I get it back from her. The booklets and overlays are in alpha order in boxes and those are in plastic bins under my cricut table with pull out drawers.