Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some organizational tips for your craft space

It has been a lot of fun these past few days working on some new ways to organize my cricut cartridges as well as my Stickles. I don’t take the credit for these ideas, I saw it on another blog and decided to go for it!!

I bought the clear velcro “coins” at my local Home Depot, I believe they were $6 or so. The magnetic circles were from Walmart! I tried to use regular magnet but it just wasn’t strong enough to hold. I used crazy glue on the bottom of the stickles bottles.

My cricut cartridges are now stored above my cricut on my pegboard in alphabetical order, the missing one is because my sister borrowed my Simply Charmed cart back in May so I saved a spot for that one when I get it back from her. The booklets and overlays are in alpha order in boxes and those are in plastic bins under my cricut table with pull out drawers.

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Julia said...

Awesome organization Linda!! I am such an organizational nerd...I don't even have a cricuit or more than 10 stickles...but I just had to come see!!