Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Music is in our blood

So last night I was privileged to attend a concert at the CW Post Great Hall and see Angela (Robert's girlfriend) perform with her string ensemble. I just had to share this video that I was able to capture...we were in a mansion in the 'great room' sort of and there was a 2nd level loft and Alex went up there to watch from above and I caught him doing this...what a hoot!! Think he's got a future in conducting?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ahhh, got some scrappin' done last night

Yay!! I feel like I have less time lately with work and everything else piling up on me but I managed to grab a little time last night and did these 2 pages. Looking at some of these older photos really makes me realize how fast time passes us by...Jesse is 23 now and Robert is 20 and in these pictures they are so small...now they both tower over me.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanksgiving and another round of packages on the way...

I enjoyed doing this 2 page layout at my friend Laurie's house recently and I was happy to be able to have a nice picture of Jim and I together that was taken on Thanksgiving Day and of course some silly pictures of Jesse and Alex. We missed having Robert with us but we prayed for him before we shared our meal as a family. Isn't my paper pieced turkey so cute? :)
This week I had to get my christmas packages ready and in the mail for my Marines , I had finished all of my cookies and treats and everything was in the freezer ready to be packaged and mailed out. I printed some labels to put on each of the cookie tins with a little note letting them know who the cookies are from and that we are praying for them. I added some candy canes in each tin to make them colorful and pretty. Each box got a tin of cookies and then I had to fill in the extra space so of course I had to put a book in each of the boxes...because well I hope that they have some time to read a book once in a while...Robert says that he told them all that his mom is a librarian so they better all read. hahaha!! He's too funny! So after I got all of the packages filled in with books and some ramen noodles I taped everything shut and added my shipping labels to the boxes...right about now I was really wishing that I had my helper but since he was in school I had to manage all of these boxes by myself!! Yikes!!
To my surprise when I got to the post office they told me that I could come around the back and put all the packages in a wheeled container on the loading dock so that I didn't have to carry them all in by myself, that was awesome!! I left them my check and went back later in the afternoon to pick up my receipt and the copies of my customs forms...how cool was that? My post office clerks are the best there is, that's for sure. So now all of my goodies are on their way and I feel great that I sent some holiday joy to my boys.

I've been working so many shifts lately but I am surely looking forward to some vacation time over the Christmas break especially since we're going to Florida and Disneyworld.