Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another great haul!!

Amazing shopping day today!!! I am beyond excited at everything that I got and how much money I saved our family!

My most incredible transaction would have to be my 2nd transaction at Rite Aid where I got 2 boxes of Fiber One cereal (usually $4.79 each) 4 of the Degree men's deodorants (also usually $4.79 each) and a bottle of Visine (regular price for that $4.99) and my grand total out of pocket for that transaction was 2 CENTS!!!!
Pretty sure that the cashier made a mistake because the tax was 33 cents and I know at CVS they don't allow you to use the Extra Care Bucks toward tax but hey, I wasn't complaining when she said, "You owe 2 cents!" Whoooo!!!!

You have to understand that this is fun for me but don't think that it is something that you just go out and do...it takes some serious planning ahead. I have my flyers for all 5 stores that are all within a one mile radius of my house and I look them over pretty well before I plan out my day. I look at all the possible match-ups and put all the coupons for each store with that circular.

I also take my coupon binder with me in the car in case I see something on clearance in a store I can look to see if I have a coupon for that item. :)

So today I went to CVS, Rite Aid, Pathmark, King Kullen and Stop & Shop. One of the first things I like to do in the grocery stores is check for manager's specials in the meat dept, I've gotten really lucky doing that in the past.

Here is what I got today, even my hubby said, "Good job!' and my son wanted to know why I had so much stuff, my trunk was full and the rest was in the back seat! HAHAHA! Ok, so I have a small car, I'm exaggerating!

2 boxes of Fiber One Cereal ($1.50)
4 packages of Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets B1G1 free ($4.50)
2 Ronzoni Quick cook pasta (50 cents each)
2 Ronzoni Smart taste pasta
2 Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta

24 La Yogurt (25 cents each)
1 box of Ritz crackerfuls ($1)
1 package of Bagel-fuls (.90 cents)
1 Lysol Healthy Touch Soap dispenser (.49 cents)
1 Dial Body Wash (.99 cents)
4 John Frieda Hair Repair Treament and stylers (I had 4 of the $5/1 off coupons! These were pretty close to free!)
4 Degree Men's deodorant (.72 cents each)
12 Gatorades-32oz (.69 cents)
2 Nestle's Quick (free)
1 lb of strawberries
2 bananas (haha, needed yellow ones)
1 can black olives
1 vlasic relish (got paid .10 to take this)
2 I Can't believe it's not butter spray (whoo, there was a tear pad coupon for those!)
1 package of Perdue chicken strips ($2.14)
1 package of thin sliced chicken cutlets ($2 off manager special!!)
2 loaves of Fiber One bread (50 cents each)
6 Renuzit solids (.52 cents)

I tried to put some of the prices (after sale and coupons and any applicable +Up rewards or ECB's) whenever possible.

So...my shopping totals for all the stores for today............

$260.15 total

$74.35 out of pocket today
$10 in +UP rewards and ECB's still on hand
$64.35 total spent

Total savings on the day: $195.80

Until next time...happy shopping!


Nancy said...

Wow wow wow. Woooooot!

Linda said...

You sound like mom, sis...that's what she would have said. <3

Betsey said...

Good for you!!! Glad you're getting AMAZING deals!!! Keep it up GIRL!!!

Kelly said...

WAY to GO Linda!!! I remember those days of enjoying it. I hope it sticks with you forever! ;)