Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick again!



Seriously can this winter just end,  please?  Alex woke up this morning and was all congested and couldn’t make it to school, of course because they are off all next week he had to pick TODAY to be sick!!  


2010-02-12- alex


I long for the warmer days of spring…to be able to step outside without gloves, scarves, COATS…I truly TRULY detest coats, doesn’t everyone?  I have to say though that the thing that really bugs me about the dead of winter is the static…that annoying little ‘shock’ that you get when you touch metal objects after you have walked across the floor or simply getting out of your car…how could rubbing my ass across the seat cause me to get zapped when I put my key in the door of my house? Seriously??

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