Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did you know that...

....there are only 42 days left until daylight savings time? Ok so I'll admit that I seriously hate winter and the fact that it gets dark early is totally depressing to me so I count the days until we can change the clocks ahead an hour and get some more daylight into our day. Secretly I long for the warmth of spring and the new growth that follows because honestly once the holidays are over and the new year has come I just want to fast forward through January and February, they are by far my 2 least favorite months of the year.

Do you get cabin fever when it's too cold to go out? Well I guess that's what happened with mom this past week. Even though the weather has been chilly here for someone who not only has been living in Florida for a long time but is ill and has trouble keeping warm in general she wanted to go out and asked me to get her out of the house!

Please...can we go out today???????????????

Ok, so I thought about it and decided that the little mall nearby would be a good idea and we could walk around with the wheelchair and get lunch and then come home. Alex had testing at school last week so he got home at 11:00 on friday and we left shortly thereafter, having him with me was great because he loves to push grandma in the wheelchair and he's great for holding open the doors when I need help. The time that he is getting to spend with his grandma now is invaluable and something that he will remember for the rest of his life.

There are just a few stores in this mall and as you can see there really aren't very many people walking around at was just nice to get out a bit and when we got home mom took a 3 hour nap!! I think the fresh air did her a world of good and she asked me if we could go again the next day so on saturday I took her again on my own since Alex was hanging out with dad. :)

Tomorrow is mom's MRI so we are hoping to have a good report from that when she goes to her doctor next week.

Here is a layout I did from my monthly class that I went to last week.


Anonymous said...

nice work
cold is good
when you are well cover
love from Qu├ębec

Sandi said...

Glad to hear that your mom was feeling well enought to go out and brave the weather!

Love the LO!

June said...

Linda, so glad your mom was feeling up to a couple of excursions, she looks very happy to be out and about. And Alex looks like he's having fun, too.

Love the layout, you are so talented!

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

So glad you all got out for a bit.....I am the same way in these months also....bring on spring and light!