Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alex and grandma

On tuesday we went to see Dr. Tomasso who will be mom's primary care physician while she is living with us and mom seemed to be comfortable with him. Interestingly enough he took over the practice from Dr. Redvanly who used to be mom and dad's doctor many years ago before he retired and mom took a while to be able to tell me (her speech is still not back to where it should be) that he actually signed my father's death certificate back in 1985 so we were talking to Dr. Tomasso about that. Alex thought it would be fun to try out grandma's beanie while the doctor was cleaning out one of her ears that is giving her trouble lately.

Of course in the evening we had some quality grandma/Alex time as usual and she really seems to enjoy that Alex likes to pamper her. (Of course the $2 she gives him doesn't hurt, either! hahaha)

Yesterday Sylvie came over for a while and I took Alex out to lunch at Chuck E Cheese and we had a nice time together just playing the games and getting out a bit was good for both of us.

Dinner time around here is something that I try to make into time spent with grandma whenever possible and the therapy is great for everyone. Alex and grandma made the meatballs for our spaghetti dinner and then they rolled up our crescent rolls. I think mom really enjoyed the dinner and it made her feel good that she was able to participate in the preparation.


Paul & Nancy said...

Alex is so silly with Grandma's hat on. I like meatballs! Hmmmmmm... I'm going to make something for mom when I come from that 30 minute meals show. I'm also bringing some FISH. My freezer is caving in again.

Anonymous said...

love to read you

as often as I can

love Madeleine

ScrapnKel said...

Awwww, sweet of Alex to pamper Gma so much! Sorry to hear about the mega rain...hope the library dries out ok!

ScrapnKel said...

One more thing...when I read this I was remembering an article I had read in one of my issues (July) of the Guidepost. Have you heard of the Krochet Kids that make beanies? If not, might enjoy checking out the article. I would be glad to share. Also, you can find them at Pretty cool and I thought of your sweet mom. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Alex looks good in Grandma's hat!


Love you Lin!


Ginger said...

How sweet that Alex rubs her feet. I'm sure it's worth every penny of that $2! I'll pay him $5 to do mine! LMAO

The new bathroom looks FAB!