Sunday, July 20, 2008

Safe and sound!

Wow, it's been a whirlwind couple of days so I'll try and catch everyone up because I know there are many family members and friends who read my blog for updates on mom. She is here, safe and I will post pictures and try to keep everyone in contact with her as much as possible so keep checking back on my blog and leave a comment if you pass by. :)

Nancy and Paul arrived on friday night at 7:30 and then Nancy's friend, Linda, landed in Orlando at 10:30 so they drove out to pick her up while I got mom ready for bed since she needed her rest in order to be prepared for the travel ahead of them. Linda who traveled with them in the car is a nurse and we felt more comfortable knowing there was a medical person in the car in case something happened along the way.

After some yummy Dunkin Donuts and coffee we were ready to pack up and head out. With pillows and blankets Nancy made sure that mom would be comfortable in the car.

I stayed behind in order to finish up a few things in the house and then I packed up my precious cargo and headed to the airport thanks to mom's friend and neighbor, Tammy. Mom's dog, Pookie, was flying home with me and overall she did very well, she only started to cry a little bit in the carrier when we were landing so maybe her ears were bothering her, I'm not really sure. I had worked with her all week and I had no problem getting her to go in the carrier as long as I had a treat to give her. :)

Our flight came in early and Jim was stuck in a little traffic so we had to wait for him to get there but he did and we found a patch of grass for Pookie to do her business, she had been holding it in since 8:30 in the morning and now it was after 2:00. She seemed to enjoy the breeze and the ride home to Long Island.

Meanwhile as I was on the road heading back to my house the car kept on driving north to get mom to NY as soon as they could. Nancy sat on the floor in the back so that mom would be able to have the entire seat to stretch out and rest as Paul drove on and on....with Linda in the passenger seat in case they came to a point where medical help might be needed....thankfully it was not but it was good to have her there just in case.

More tomorrow.....


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord that everything worked out! PHEW!!!! Definately an answer to all our prayers.

I love the picture of your mom and Nancy in the back seat. And Pookie with her ears blowing in the breeze, after that crate ride I'm sure she felt like she was really flying there. LOL!!

Thank goodness you are all safe and sound.



sandi said...

Thank God that all turned out well. I am glad that Mom is home, safe and sound. I love the picture of Pookie with her ears blowing in the wind!

Anonymous said...

to so that every things is going

Love Madeleine

Tammy said...

I am happy to see the trip went smoothly and everything turned out well. I missed her before she even left but she is where she needs to be right now. I hope you know that we truly love her and all of you. Enjoy this time. She is one of those few people in the world that is unselfish and and a very special angel. Mikaela sends her love and a big kiss.

Anonymous said...

I hope the trip wasn't too strenuous for your mother.(or for Nancy!) I am glad everyone is safe.

Way to go Pookie!!! lol That is one funny picture! I am sure your mom was pleased with her room.
How is the bathroom? Finished I hope. :)

michelle said...

I am glad to see that mom and pookie made it there safe and sound.a big thank you goes to all the ppl that been helping with mom. my prayers and thoughts are with you all.takecare.

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

So glad to hear that your mom made it back with you safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing more of how she gets settled in.

Anonymous said...

Lin, what a great idea to have a nurse travel with your mom---even if she wasn't really needed in a medical capacity! I know it's a relief after all the months of commuting & preparation to have Denise safely there with you; I know you will make the most of your time with her. Make lots of memories, dear heart, and take lots of pictures, and give your mom a big hug from me!