Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No matter what...

...no matter where, it's always home if love is there."

Thank you to Barbara, one of mom's neighbors who came by last night to see her and say goodbye since she's leaving to visit her daughter for 10 days and won't be back by the time we leave this weekend. She gave mom a cute frame to hang in her new room with the saying above...truer words were never spoken and it surely is fitting the situation for us. Barbara has been a Godsend to us in helping mom these past few months, I don't know how we would have made it without her. She is an angel.

On sunday mom and I did some baking and it was good therapy for her. She sat in the chair and gave me direction on the ingredients to the best of her ability and then she actually was able to stand at the counter and wrap each little cake in tin foil after they cooled off. Mom is famous for her banana nut bread and we are going to send some to Billy in Iraq who is the son of one of mom's neighbors and the rest we are keeping to give out to friends and neighbors as they come by to visit mom this week.

We saw Dr. Singh yesterday who has been mom's oncology hematologist down here and he gave me the name of a doctor at Stonybrook hospital near me and when I called to make the appointment I found that he is the director of the cancer center there so I think we will be in good hands with Dr. Gabig.

Today we have Suzy, the physical therapist, coming over and hopefully she will have an answer for us if mom can get a little bit of speech therapy this week before we head up north. Both her PT and OT feel she would benefit from it because she has expressive aphasia which is a result of the seizure she had 2 weeks ago. I am hoping she will continue to improve.


Droopy said...

Hi Linda and Denise, You two are sure keeping busy. Mmmmm I can almost smell those banana breads.
Hey Neesee, keep up the good work. If Linda doesn't do what you tell her, kick her butt.
Have a safe trip to New York. I will talk to you there. Love you both.

Laura said...

Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Love the pictures, looks like you are both in good hands! :)

Anonymous said...

You ladies did a fantastic job on the banana bread, it looks delicious! :)

It sounds like your mom will be in great hands with her new physician. I will say a few extra prayers that the speech therapy works out for this week.


June said...

Your Mom looks so happy, and that banana bread looks wonderful!!

The room really came together, and I love the lavender - that was about the color of my Mom's bedroom and it was just so restful and peaceful.

Hugs and prayers, always

Anonymous said...

Your mom looks so changed, dear, but it's so good to see her smile! I'm glad the transition of physicians seems like it will be smooth, things will already be in place for her in NY. What will happen with her house there in Melbourne?

I'm sending thoughts of strength your way, sweetie, and keeping both of you in my prayers.


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Great news about your mom....glad things are looking up. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Denise getting busy with the banana nut bread
like the pictures
love Madeleine