Monday, December 13, 2010

A busy week in December!

Christmas came early for our family this year as we traveled to Virginia to spend time with each other. Nancy and Paul, along with little Cole, are going to be spending the holidays in Montana this year so we decided that we would get together earlier and celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. I didn’t take too many pictures but we had a really nice visit even if it was short. Cole was very cute, Nancy told me that they had been practicing opening presents so he was really good at ripping the paper, that’s for sure! 02 He opened everything we got him but I think his favorite new toy was his farm tractor and animals. Here he is opening that box…oh how I love his cute little toes!!

Alex was very surprised at all that he got and I know that he was really thrilled at the gift that his big brother, Bobby, sent him…just look at that huge smile!! 03 He also got a bunch of gift cards from Guitar Center and he can’t wait to go there and pick out a new guitar from himself. Jim and I gave him an electric scooter as his big gift this year and he was pretty surprised at that!

100_1792 He really enjoyed trying it out the next morning before we set out for the drive home. As for me I just enjoyed spending time with Cole and reading books and playing with him, the time was so short and quick but I am looking forward to visiting with him in February for a few days while Alex has off from school for winter recess.

01 Coming home from that trip I hit the ground running and worked a crazy week…5 days in a row! I was supposed to have off on wednesday but volunteered to go in and work on a project and I figured it wasn’t a bad thing to pick up extra hours since I’ll be off for a few days during the Christmas break at the end of the month. The library will be closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and I took off from the 28th to the 30th so I’ll have a really long stretch of time off to get things done around the house and have some fun with Alex, we are hoping to take in a couple of movies. :)

On Saturday the 11th Alex and I were off to the American Museum of Natural History with the teen department at the library and I had a really nice day. Alex ditched me for his friends but I still had a good time walking around and looking at the exhibits with another librarian and one of my co-workers and her son. There was a really beautiful tree in the center of one of the floors that was all decorated with origami ornaments, it was spectacular and I wish the photo of it came out a bit better but someday I’ll get a good camera and then all my photos will be fantastic! :) 01 02 On the bus ride I managed to get quite a bit of reading done on my E reader that my son, Robert, gave me for Christmas and I absolutely love! It really is wonderful to relax and read a good book, that’s for sure. It wouldn’t be the same without the typical mother/son photo with Alex making a face. 03 I had to laugh when I looked at this up close because I think my baby is showing signs of peach fuzz on top of his lip…guess he’ll be shaving before you know it. *sigh* Where does the time go?

I am looking forward to the coming weeks where I hope to make more memories to scrapbook and my upcoming weekend crop in January!!

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