Thursday, December 23, 2010

Picture a Day 12/22

I love my E Reader and it stands up perfectly atop my bathroom sink so that I can read my book while I blow dry my hair!! HAHAHA! Hey, sometimes you have to grab a few free moments when you can get them. I love to read and don't find I have nearly enough time to do it these days.

How many of you have an E Reader? What kind do you have? For me the choice was pretty easy because my library offers the ability to borrow E Books with my library card and in fact just a couple of days ago started supporting even Iphone and Ipod so I was able to download a book that I had in my 'cart' right to my iPod touch which I think is fantastic!!! I have wanted an Ereader but not one where I have to purchase the books so that is how I based my decision. My reader has a color touch screen and WIFI build in as well, I guess you can say it is like a small Ipad, in a way.

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