Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Title fun with the Cricut

Here is something really fun that I like to do once in a while with my cricut and that is to cut letters out of actual photos and use them as your titles! It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it and the first thing you want to do is make an actual template to work with so for this I cut a piece to the exact size of my photo from a scrap piece of paper or cardstock, whatever you have around. I did this about 3 different times until I got the right size and location of the letters on my piece. What you do is put your paper on your mat and just align the blade where you think the best place will be for the letters to be cut based on the length of your word and if you want it centered on the photo or not. If you are simply going to use the letters that you cut out as your title and not the negative space it doesn't really matter if the cut is centered but for this I wanted it to be pretty centered since I was using one of my panoramic photos and I will be using the actual photo as part of the layout.

So here is my piece once is it cut and now this will be my template that I can work from to see where I need to line my photo up on my mat so that it will cut in the exact place I want the letters to be.

What I do is take the photo and place it behind the template and lay it down on my mat exactly where I had the template and press the photo down and take the template off. I remembered where I had positioned my blade (in this case I had counted how many times I moved it across and down) and I pressed cut once I was sure of the location of the blade. So here is my photo under the template here.

Here is a quick video showing the photo being cut by the cricut and the letters are exactly where I want them to be. I then was able to use the photo as part of my title.

I cut the word Canyon from another photo (back in the 90's we used to get free double prints all the time so I was lucky to have doubles of a lot of these photos to play with) and just put it under the cut photo to complete the title, this is just the beginning of this layout but I wanted to show the technique of cutting our your letters from photos.

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Nancy said...

Nice idea! I love it.