Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Picture a Day or PAD

I watched a few of my scrappin' sisters do this in the past and thought about trying it out even if it is just to chronicle things we do while Robert is away overseas because I know he reads my blog. :)

Friday the 17th of December I didn't have to go to work until the evening so it was a good opportunity for a day of shopping since Alex was in desperate need of long sleeved shirts and as luck would have it I got a $10 off coupon in the mail from JC Penneys so off I went to the mall and alo
ng the way I made a few stops at the craft stores, of course. I did great at the mall and saved over $100 off regular prices at JC Penneys! In the end I spent $35.60 and got 3 shirts for Alex and a nice sweater for myself. After that I was starving so I treated myself to a salad at Panera Bread with dressing on the side, of course. One the way home I stopped off to pick up some photos I had uploaded to print at Sam's Club and then into the Starbucks inside the Target store next door. I have to say that I'm not a big SB girl but this is my indulgence during the holiday season, a tall peppermint mocha with extra peppermint...boy was it ever good and so worth the wait. I just might have to snag another one before the new year.

That evening I worked at the annual holiday party for all of our literacy students and tutors at the library! I love working this party every year because it is so rewarding to see all of the smiling faces on the people that our program serves and helps year after year!
As someone whose first language was not english I really love seeing someone learn to speak english and watch as they come to classes every week with a huge smile on their face. My library ROCKS!!!!

December 20th

Just a picture of me wearing the beautiful scarf that Nancy made for me, I got so many compliments at work that day and I told everyone that it was handmade by my little sister and I know mom would be so proud of her at how much her
knitting skills have improved over the past couple of years!! Nancy always jumps into everything 200% and now I fear she might have been bitten with the scrapbooking bug...might have something to do with my old Cricut that I gave her. We will see where this leads.

December 21st

Another day at work just like any other...with the digital age upon us we are having to make room for more and more
computers and that means removing books that are not circulating and let me tell you it is a huge undertaking!! I filled up 2 carts with books that will be deleted from our collection and sadly most if not all of them are being taken away because they have not been checked out in 3 years or more. Our shelves are just bursting at the seams as you can see from the photos I have here, just showing one shelf before and after I pulled out the books that are going away. So that's just a glimpse of me at work.

AC Moore had a 60% coupon and I couldn't let that opportunity pass me by!!! I have my eye on some scrapbook albums that are in the $20-$30 range and since I have so many scrapbook pages to put into albums I know I need quite a few so I stock up whenever I can get a good deal!! AC Moore has a rewards card and I've been using it and getting my points every single time I shop and as luck would have it I got my first $10 reward certificate in the mail yesterday!! So off I went with those things in my hand and picked up the scrapbook I wanted and it was $24.99. Imagine my joy when I got to the register and realized that I was getting it for FREE!!!! With the 60% off it came to $10 and I gave her my rewards certificate and grinned like an idiot all the way out of the store!!

It was a great shopping day for me all around because after that I went into the grocery store to get some cookie dough for Alex to bake over the vacation next week and they were having a special deal from Pillsbury so I bought 4 batches of ready to bake cookies and with that I got a gallon of milk ($3.99) for FREE!!! Whoooo!! It was a good day!!

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