Thursday, January 28, 2010

January is going out with a blast!!

I can't believe it but monday is already the 1st of February!! I honestly don't know where the time goes but as one of my favorite songs goes..."Life goes on as it never ends...." and so another month draws to a close.

I managed to complete a few scrapbook layouts last weekend and I was pretty proud of really had been too long since I had done anything! I am looking forward to a weekend crop next weekend but I will not be staying overnight since it is close to home for me so I plan to return to my bed at night to rest and get a fresh shower before returning in the morning.

As I sit here at my laptop and write I hear the wind howling like crazy outside my window and I know there is a horrible cold front blowing through here and I am not looking forward to putting my almost 50 year old body out in that frigid weather in the morning. Having said that I know that I am so very blessed that my home is safe and that I am warm when I put my head on my pillow each night while so many suffer in the cold when the weather is like this. I hope that this artic blast doesn't last too long.

Tomorrow begins the weekend and I am excited that Jim and I will be going out to dinner with 2 of my friends from work and their husbands, a real 'couples' date night!! I hope it will be the beginning of something that we try to do every so often.


april said...

love reading you

cousin Madeleinexoxoxo

ScrapnKel said...

Awww, I love how you put it in perspective. I couldn't agree more...way to look at it Linda. :)