Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home with Alex today

After a fun filled long weekend with Nancy, Paul and baby Cole I am home today because Alex started getting sick last night at about 10pm. I hope he feels better soon and I sure hope I don't get this nasty virus since I spent so much time with him in the past couple of days especially on the bus ride home we were sitting close to each other and he was leaning on me to rest for a while.

I guess I should use this unexpected day off in a productive way but what to do? Decisions, decisions....I'm sure that Alex will keep me busy, though. He is asking for ginger ale so I need to get out to the store.

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ScrapnKel said...

Oh no! it is the worst when our kiddos are sick, isn't it? Bless his heart...I know you were right there for him. ;)