Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long day...

...that started way too early.

We were up at 4am this morning and Nancy and mom left at 4:30 to be at the hospital on time. I got Alex off to school and went to work. I was keeping in touch with Nancy via text messages and found out that someone made a scheduling error and since she had the placement MRI yesterday she really didn't need to be there so early this morning. Oh well, if that's the worst that happened I'm ok with that.

Surgery began at 11:25 and at approximately 4pm Dr. Rosiello came out and said that mom did really well and they were finishing up and that he got out as much as he could based on the MRI imagery of the 2 tumors that are near each other and on the surface (the 3rd is too deep but it is small and hasn't grown or changed since January when we first discovered mom had cancer). We were all bracing for the possibility that mom's speech could be arrested or really bad after this but when Nancy and I walked into the recovery room mom said, "The two of you guys are here..." Music to my ears!! She is resting comfortably in the surgical ICU and we are hoping and praying for the best and for a speedy recovery from the surgery. The neurosurgeon said he will be doing an MRI in the next day or two to see what things look like after the surgery.


Sandi said...

Praise God! I'll be keeping your mom in my prayers especially over the next few days, as she begins to recover and rehabilitate. {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

thank God!
I have waiting
for a good news

love Madeleine

ScrapnKel said...

Oh WOW!! What great news!!! I hope and pray this just continues to go great! :)

Anonymous said...

it is hard to be far
love Madeleine