Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow, October already!!

I'm really behind on my blog but that usually means that I've been super busy with life and haven't had the time to sit and write anything, I guess that's not always a bad thing.

The weekend of the 25th of September we had our visit from Robert and Michelle and I got to be a tour guide for them as they visited the different sites in Manhattan since Michelle had never been to New York I had to hit all the major spots, of course.

One thing I usually tell people is you have to eat a slice of pizza when you're in New York, it's a 'given'!! So after our 90 minute train ride we hit my favorite little pizza place right in Penn station and since it was raining I decided we better get into KMart and grab up some rain ponchos just in case. As it turns out those ponchos brought us luck because we never needed them, by the time we rode the subway downtown to our first stop it had stopped raining and although it remained overcast most of the day (which was fine with Michelle and I since we were both sweating most of the day from all the walking!) it didn't really rain on us.

I took a bunch of picture but here are just a few of the highlights of the day.

I think they had a good time and I hope I was able to show them around to all the important places. We even 'saw' the Empire State Building as we were making our way back to Penn Station to catch our train home after a delicious dinner at Olive Garden in Times Square (thanks Rob!!). I showed them where the Today show is taped, where the Good Morning America studio is and where the famous 'ball' drops on New Year's eve in Times Square.


Sandi said...

Sounds like you really had a good time and you got some nice shots at some of the major landmarks. :) Hope they enjoyed it. :)

michelle said...

Thanks for the lovely tour. I enjoy our trip to New York. It was intresting to see all the diffrent sites. Hope you got that rest you needed. Its over due. Takecare

Anonymous said...

Hope you like New York


ScrapnKel said...

Looks like they had a really good tour guide. ;) I know you enjoyed having them there and your Mom as well. I'm glad you had some great family time. Hugs!