Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So this past weekend mom had company...AGAIN!!! Madeleine and Jean drove down from Canada for a visit and we had a lovely time together!

Saturday they spent the day with mom and it gave me the opportunity to attend a show that Jim and his friends did at a fundraiser...Alex also got to join us since there were tons of kids there, this was a fundraiser for Rolling Thunder--a group that benefits kids and young adults with special needs.

Alex really has been taking his role as dad's new 'roadie' very seriously now that Jason is no longer with us...I think Alex knows he has to take over for his cousin in helping out at shows. When he was getting dressed on saturday morning he had to wear a certain outfit, it was really funny. Here he is on the side of the stage watching and waiting for the opportunity to help out.

Here is a group shot of "Godspeed and Friends". I just love that I was able to get a good shot of Jim, Jack and Alex...the rest is gravy to me.

Sunday I set out in the morning to take Madeleine and her husband for some NYC sightseeing and I had a lovely day with them. We did some things that I wouldn't normally do on a typical trip into the city because Jean wanted to see Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera because he is an opera singer himself. I enjoyed seeing those things through his eyes, it was really fun for me. There was a huge parade on 5th Avenue so we didn't really get to see much of the shops on the avenue due to the crowds so I think Madeleine was a bit disappointed about that. I was just glad that it was a beautiful, warm and sunny day.


June said...

Linda, I know who to call if I ever decide to see New York. Love the pictures and so glad your Mom is getting to have visitors and relax.

Alex looks so serious while he's waiting for the next task.


Anonymous said...

I just had my computer back last night
I want to thank you again it was a wonderfull week end
Please let me know for your mother

ScrapnKel said...

Oh how fun! That's wonderful that your mother had more visitors and got to enjoy time with them as well as you did. I'm happy you all had such a good time and Alex is adorable!