Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's getting close

As the day is coming to an end here I think about what is to come in the next couple of days. After work tomorrow I will be taking mom to the hospital's radiology center to get a 'placement MRI' which basically will be where they mark off where the surgeon will be going in to attack those tumors that are in her brain. Mom has been doing so well and I just pray that this surgery will be a success and that it will give us the miracle that we have been hoping for. For me reading the blog of another GBM patient has been a really big boost and has given me hope because Krista is now at 34 months past her diagnosis and she is doing well so I pray for the same outcome for mom.

I have been keeping mom working on her strength and she has been doing well on the exercise bike that I recently purchased!!! Just look at all that beautiful hair that is growing back on her head!! Of course some of that will have to be shaved off on thursday but we can handle it, hair grows back!!!

Not to be outdone Miss Pookie has to get into the act no matter what her mommy is doing!!

Alex and I went back to his school on friday to see 2 more teachers, one being his art teacher and then I also wanted to talk to the science teacher who is the advisor for the Robotics Club that he joined, we are looking forward to tons of fun with that and seeing what the team comes up with for the competition in January!! Alex thought it would be cute to show me how he can fit in his locker while we were at the school...he's so funny!!

I think he gets his artistic talent from his dad...I can't draw for anything...this dragon he drew in art class is pretty cool...even if he's got no skin!!

Please keep mom in your prayers on thursday and I will try to update as soon as I know anything, I know there are a lot of family members and friends that read my blog for news on her progress.


ScrapnKel said...

I have been wondering when this was taking place. I sure will be praying for her!! I am thankful for the Krista link as well. Looks like great inspiration that our family could enjoy too. Now that is actually some GREAT art, Alex! Wow!

Anonymous said...

weey nice drawing Jess

I am whit you always


Sandi said...

Mom looks fabulous! I know she is a STRONG woman and is going to pull through this.

WOW! Alex's artwork is awesome! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to hang an Alex Hughes original in my living room one day. :)

Laura said...

Your Mom and Alex BOTH rock! :) (so do you and the rest of your boys too!)