Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's almost friday

And it's been a busy week around here, as usual. I put in my 2 days at work during the week but also worked on sunday which was good since I get time and a half on sundays, yay!! Today mom went for all her pre-op testing with Sylvie, it was a long process that took 2 hours but it is done and she took a long nap from 3:00 to almost 5:30...when she woke up dinner was just about ready to be served, we had a ton of leftovers and we feasted like there was no tomorrow!! YUMMY!!

Tonight I spent some time at Alex's school attending parent/teacher conferences. In 90 minutes I managed to meet all but one of his teachers (who wasn't there for some reason...his art teacher) and every single teacher was singing my son's praises, he is scoring at mastery level in every class, participating and handing in all of his class work and homework, I couldn't be more proud. His health teacher even had Alex step out of the room to tell me how proud he is of Alex for speaking up when they were learning about the brain and telling the class how he has ADHD and that he explained to Alex that individuals with ADHD concentrate on EVERYTHING as evidenced by the fact that while Alex isn't always looking at you he hears everything that you say!! I'm happy to say that Alex has adjusted to middle school quite well and academics aside he is excited about the robotics club that he joined, as well!!

I know some of my readers are more interested in a dog's for those of you that love the little brown dog...she seemed to be rocking the flip flops today while sunning herself on the deck!


Anonymous said...

good for Alex
you had help with your mon, nice
cute pooky
thinking of you guys

Anonymous said...

Pookie has some fashion sense I see. Flip-flops definately go with sunbathing. ;)