Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday and the 1st of November already!!

It's the 1st of the month and mom is still in the hospital and will be for a few days yet. Nancy spent most of the day here yesterday so this morning Jesse and I pitched in so that Nancy could get some rest and not have to be here so early...she's so tired. Jesse worked 10pm last night to 7am this morning and then texted me that he was coming up to see grandma before going home to sleep. He stayed with her and fed her breakfast and waited for me to get here...I'm very blessed that my boys are so loving and devoted to their grandmother.

When she's not trying to sleep she's knitting and she finished another hat for mom while we were waiting for her to come out of surgery on thursday, it's a very pretty color and I know mom is going to love it!

Took this picture of mom yesterday so that I could send it to Robert over our phones, it's hard to be far away and not know how grandma is doing but thank goodness for modern technology.

Just to update a will have her MRI today as well as an EEG. She had a short focal seizure at about 12:45am this morning and they feel that it is caused by the surgery. Mom was aware that something was happening because her hands were trembling so she pushed the call button for the nurse and they documented it and kept a close eye on her through the night. Mom's neurologist, Dr. Spiegel, is being called to come and check on sense in having the house neurologist examine her since she has her own that works right here in the hospital.

Nancy will be here in a little while and then I'm heading out for the afternoon to my friend's house to scrapbook for a little bit. Hopefully I will try to update again tonight or tomorrow.


Sandi said...

Mom looks so great in that picture, Lin. Thanks for sharing that. It's great that she was able to anticipate the seizure as it was about to happen and call for help. Your mom continues to amaze me with her strength and perseverance. GO mom!! :)

Anonymous said...

She look good
nice to see her
take care of yourselfs
God bless you
love Madeleine

Ginger said...

Your mom does look fabulous in that photo! I'm still praying for your family-all of you!

Tammy said...

SHe looks good!! I am so glad everything went well. I was going by her on Halloween and got a little upset not to see anything out there. When we came back from trick and treating - Robert and Michelle had set up the Halloween scenes and was giving out candy - It was almost the same but not quite. Please give her out love, we miss her alot. Love to you and Nancy and the family as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lin, your mom looks absolutely amazing for someone who has just been through surgery like that! I am so happy that it's going well so far, and you know my prayers continue to include you and her both. I want so much for you to have GOOD news; it was a year ago Nov.3 that we moved my mom to the hospice house. Sad time of year for me.

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Your mom looks good Lin. Everyday I pray for a smooth recovery and increasing strength. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Love, Mary