Friday, February 29, 2008

My morning walk on base

It's friday morning here and I just took a 30 minute walk on base to get a workout in, it's a beautiful day this morning and Robert went to the gym so I decided to have a nice walk. I walked by Robert's new barracks building and thought I would take a picture to share, these are nicer barracks for him and there's only 2 guys to a room which is pretty nice for them.

We are heading out to the beach for a little while this afternoon so I will post again later on for those of you that check my blog over your morning coffee on the east coast.



Anonymous said...

oh to be able to hit the beach : )
look at what happened to tom

Paul & Nancy said...

Ahhh, HI is heaven! Wish we could be there.

mom said...

the weather is always so great and you know I remember so many great things,one night Petee woke me up in the middle of the night so I can smell the air and see the beautiful sunset,I think that night we did not sleep much,we enjoy each other in this beautiful Hawaii.