Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday morning here in Hawaii

We had such a great day yesterday, I don't even know where to begin!

We took a nice walk as a family all around the grounds of the hotel and explored and just reveled in the beauty of the ocean here. We are surrounded by ocean on all 3 sides of the hotel because this resort is at the northern most tip of Oahu so you can imagine the waves and the sounds of the surf. Jim and Alex spent most of the morning snorkeling while I went out on a short drive in search of a grocery store which I found about 5 miles down the road and picked up a few things and some Subway sandwiches for lunch. I spotted an L&L that we will have to make sure we hit up at some point while we are there, there is nothing quite like Hawaii BBQ and macaroni salad, YUMMY!! I can't wait! We were at the pool for a bit and then went up for lunch and then Jim took a nap and I went on another walk with Alex and waited to hear from our friends who were coming up to hang out with us. Mike and Marie joined us at around 3pm (their son is also coming back from Iraq and they are here from Minnesota and we had met them last homecoming and I've really been looking forward to seeing them again!). We hung out at the pool with them until about 7Pm and came up to our room to get changed for dinner but alas Alex fell asleep so we didn't make it out of the room last night, Mike and Marie left to head back to the base and we went to bed at 9pm ourselves. I guess all the sun and water just knocked us all out!

Today is the day that Robert is scheduled to land back on U.S. soil...so we wait for the information to be available and keep our fingers crossed...can't wait to hug him and welcome him back to us. Hopefully we'll get that information in the next hour or so because he called us last night from Ireland and said they were delayed so we wait.

More later....


Paul & Nancy said...

Ahhh, love the pool shot.

mom/grandma said...

wow thnk you for all this fantastic blog,oh my goodness you are so talented in your writting,I love to read about everything,thank you my daughter.

Sandi said...

Great pic!!

Angela said...

so beautiful out there.
love all of these pictures.
and i cant wait for Robert to finally land!

ill take this as the preview for my trip?!