Monday, February 25, 2008

Waking up in paradise

It was so great to wake up here this morning, Alex slept really well last night and so did Jim and I but of course we were up at the crack of dawn because it was noon on the east coast and our internal clock is still messed up, I opened the sliding glass doors to hear the ocean waves and watch the pool being cleaned at 6:30am...the moon was still out and the sun was just peeking up to start a new day. Here is a short video I took this morning.

Our room overlooks the ocean side and the pool just below us, we have a very pretty view. Alex and I enjoyed our morning coffee outside while Jim took a shower.

We took a morning walk as a family and now Jim and Alex just went to take in some snorkeling and I'm going to head out for a bit of exploring and then go relax by the heated pool. We can't wait to see Robert tomorrow!!!


June said...

Okay, I'm already getting teary-eyed, and the boys haven't even landed yet!

Sorry to hear the room is just mediocre, but the view looks wonderful.


mom said...

you are in Hawaii how awesome

sandi said... look SO relaxed! Wish I was ther too!

Paul & Nancy said...

Really? It doesn't get any better than being in HI. Enjoy. Get dpwn to that here to eternity beach, it is so worth it.

Paul & Nancy said...

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup

Anonymous said...

The sound of the ocean...oh my gosh Lin you are in Paradise!! What a wonderful view.