Sunday, February 17, 2008

I was so cool...wasn't I???

I'm having a good time going through all of these old photos now that I've had the slides scanned...these range from 1974 to the late 80's so I'm enjoying the trip down memory lane, that's for sure. I have to laugh at this...check out the sneakers...and I guess I had watched that old TV show, huh? Dynomiteeeeeeeeeee!! HAHAHAHA!

It will be a lot of fun to scrapbook all of these old photos and put a story to them when I do, I think our future generations will get a kick out of it.

It's hard to believe this but we leave for Hawaii in a week...I have a ton of stuff to get done but at least we went through the snorkeling gear today and figured out who needs what so that's taken care of. I think I'm good on clothes but I might just pick up a new pair of shorts, we'll see if I get the chance this week...with Alex home from school all week my time will be a bit more limited but I don't's nice to know we can sleep in and relax all week, everything will get done.

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mama j said...

Love this post! Love this pix!