Saturday, March 01, 2008

Family BBQ

It is 10:30pm Hawaii time on friday and another great day is coming to an end here. We spent the afternoon doing some shopping at the mall and upgrading Robert's cell phone before heading back to base to get ready for the 3/3 family BBQ that we all had planned. I was able to make deviled eggs because one of Rob's friends has housing on base and he let me use his kitchen so I could boil 2 dozen eggs! It was great to make my special deviled eggs for everyone (especially Robert) and we also really enjoyed the chicken cutlets I made yesterday in the room here at the Lodge. I managed to get an electric skillet at Walmart and spread newspaper on the dresser and cooked up a meal of chicken cutlets and steamed veggies. It was good to make some home cooked food because there's a Marine in the house...can you tell how by looking at the photo?I had this sign made back home before we came to Hawaii so that I could have something to welcome Robert's squad back. We all hung up our signs in the pavilion to decorate the place and get ready for the party today!
Jim was put in charge of the grills and I think Robert decided he was going to supervise a bit or at least partake of the good stuff coming off the grill as Jim was finishing up. We had 2 large grills going and Jim handled it really well with all of the steaks, chicken, hot dogs and burgers going at the same time.

Of course we had to get a group photo of all of the Marines attending the BBQ today and we had quite a nice group out here and everyone had a really good time and it was so wonderful to see them all enjoying the food, the company of their family/friends and just kicking back and having a great time. Hmmm, wonder which one is Robert in the group picture? Maybe the one whose football team won the Superbowl this year? :-) This is Alex having a terrific time playing with his friends Jordan and Jonathan who are the sons of my friend Kim and her husband Ssgt Woods. We have been through the past 2 deployments together and I have known Kim since Robert was in boot camp and we started chatting over message boards/emails. Robert is enjoying his new fancy phone with all of the features and bells and whistles on it. We now have unlimited text messaging for all of our phones plus My Faves for everyone so he can chat with those important people in his life for as long as he wants and we won't use up our minutes. Hmmm, wonder who he is talking to here sitting on the ground up against the building at the Lodge?And finally...those of you that know me know how much I love to take pictures of my boys Angela...just because you asked for you go. I know you're going to love it here and have a wonderful time on your visit out here.
Goodnight all, until tomorrow....a beach day for us.


Anonymous said...
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Paul & Nancy said...

Mom and I enjoyed reading your post at the terrific bagle store here in sunny florida. Jim.... That hat makes you look old. How about a mad ass beanie?

mom said...

wow this is so awesome I just having a great time reading everything,thank you.

Angela said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic day enjoyed by all.


mama j said...

WOohooo!! Love all the photos! I think it's safe to say-the guys had a blast "boozing it up"--so kicked back and relaxed! LOL!