Monday, March 17, 2008

I miss scrapping!

Wow, it feels like a lifetime ago is when I last did a layout but so much is happening right now that I just haven't found a block of time to get anything done let alone the fact that inspiration isn't flowing lately but I'm sure it will come back soon!

I'm back in Florida but I have reinforcements with me this time...Robert came with me in order to spend some quality time with grandma because he heads back to Hawaii soon to finish out his last 9 months in the Marine Corps.
We sure have kept Robert busy with the home improvement projects around the house but it is making mom really happy and I'm sure that Robert is loving every second of it.

This is Pat before she left to go back home on Sunday morning, thank you so much for all that you did for mom, we all really appreciate it beyond words.
Mom started PT today and the therapist gave us some things that she needed to get for her safety such as flashlights in case of a power outage but I found awesome plug in lights that charge while they are plugged so that they come on during a blackout. I picked up the snack mate table and mom loves it to eat on, play on her laptop or paint her fingernails like she did tonight. :)


Anonymous said...

Mom you look so beautiful : )

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Linda, your mom looks wonderful! How great to have you and Robert there for her! Hugs!

Ginger said...

She does look fantastic! I'm still thinking of you all!

Laura said...

Great pictures....I'm glad you and Rob are there with your mom.

Hope you are all feeling well, and that you have a Happy Easter.

ScrapnKel said...

She looks wonderful!!! Thinking of you all!