Monday, March 31, 2008

We're a Chevy kinda family

I'm happy to report that Robert took down all 7 of our yellow ribbons the other day and man did that feel good for us, especially since we know we don't have to put them up again. We have 7 trees in front of our house (for those of you that don't know this story) and every month Jim would add a ribbon around one more tree until all 7 were wearing their yellow...Robert's deployment was 7 months long and when he came home he was to take the ribbons down...we did this last deployment also.

Robert pointed out to me the other day that everyone in the family now owns a Chevy...that's a great thing especially if we need to do any work on the vehicles since Jim pretty much knows everything there is to know about them. So Robert now owns a Chevy Blazer, I have my Cobalt and we recently purchased a Cavalier for Jesse...let's hope it lasts a bit longer than the last used car that he got...fingers crossed.
Here's a picture of Robert's Blazer that he took back in Hawaii before he came home on his leave, he is hoping to have it shipped home when he is done and comes home for good at the end of this year.
I've been finding precious little blocks of time when I can to scrap some of our memories. Here is a 2 page spread with pictures from our trip to Disney Marketplace back on December 23rd of last year. We had a great time in the shops and Alex and I had fun trying on all the cool hats.It's fast becoming my monthly thing to do now, taking a class at my friend Laurie's house and this month the 2 page layout was Easter themed and I couldn't wait to come home and add the pictures of Alex with his Easter treasures.

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ScrapnKel said...

Oh wow, that had to be the best feeling in the world (after the welcome home feeling!) to see him take down those yellow ribbons!!! YAY! Great that you've had a little time to scrap too. Hope all is going well. MISS YOU! :)