Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday in paradise

It is now 11pm on saturday night and the day is winding down for us. We went to the PX for a new bathing suit for Robert and then hit the road for our beach day. I think Robert is really enjoying driving our convertible...I'm really glad that we got it for the trip, he's been driving us everywhere and I'm loving it!The plan today was to head out to Hanauma Bay but when we got there they had just put up the "Full" sign so we couldn't get into the parking lot. We turned around and Robert drove to Bellows Air Force Base and we had lunch at Subway and then made out way down to their beach and I'm really glad we went there because it was such a nice beach and not crowded at all.
Alex found some other kids to play with after a while and of course didn't want to leave when the time came but we managed to get out of there without a problem. Robert and Jim had a good time sunbathing and being in the water together.
I just enjoyed sitting on a chair and getting a little bit more sun while watching everyone in the water. I'm not much of a beach swimmer but I do love the sun and the sights and sounds of the water.
We came back to base to clean up afterwards and then Robert took us to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and treated us all to a wonderful meal, I had a delicious quiche which I haven't had in a really long time. We walked around the mall a little bit and did some shopping for clothes (not for us, for Robert) and then came back to hang out.

Right now a couple of the dads are out in the courtyard having a cigar and a beer with their Marines sons and Jim is one of them. I'm so happy to see Jim and Robert together. We are getting so much quality time with Robert and I'm really feeling wonderful these past couple of days, I couldn't ask for a better trip and visit with Robert.

Tomorrow we plan to head up to the north shore again and hit up the Shrimp Shack and then maybe stop in at Turtle Bay to hang out and get some snorkeling and swimming in. Every night I plan our next day in my mind and I don't give a second thought to the weather because it has literally been 80 degrees and sunny every single day that we have been here so far so I know if we do get any rain or overcast conditions I will be so shocked because I simply do not expect it at has been that gorgeous here the entire trip so far.


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful.......I had a dream last nite i was chasing rob with cotton balls you remember how afraid he was of cotton balls and now hes a heroe to millions

mom said...

well Linda what do you say about HI MOM in the sand I feel so great so I know why this blog is your best,because Robert looks so good and so relax and I cant wait to touch him and feel him,enjoy Hawaii it is awesome and I see how this trip brought peace to you and us,reason is God became our ally and we were

Anonymous said...

You all look so relaxed, it's wonderful to see. I'm glad you are enjoying every moment Lin and so blessed that you can share it with us. :)

Did you get your toes in the sand for me yet? ;)


mama j said...

NOw, that's the way to spend a Saturday!!! Hope today was just as much fun! I'm just so tickled for you--can you tell????? When do you have to go back to 'ole dreary LI? Shame you can't bottle the weather....Jimmy Buffet says take the weather w/ you....hmmmmm.....

mama j said...

OK-your whole blog made my heart so happy-hope you don't mind-I posted a "welcome home" to Rob (for you though, b/c really-is he going to read it?? LOL!)