Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rewind back to Homecoming--Video

Finally was able to trim this video and have sound coming out of it, with it being an HD file I had a heck of a time with it. The video quality is not as clear because of the conversion but at least you can see it and hear it. I'm going to still be working on the file and try to figure out how to edit it in lossless quality so that might take me a while. So here we are in the hangar and all of the Marines are coming off the plane and walking towards us on the 'red carpet'. What a feeling when I finally spotted Robert!

I have pictures from our last day on Oahu, we went out to a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Buzz's in Kailua with 3 other families and I will post those either later today or tomorrow. For now, enjoy the video!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey lin wanted to show everyone video at work but it is not working? any ideas on how i can view it here can you send to my work email?

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL!! I'm just bawling with happiness!

Thanks Lin. What a treat to see that moment and feel your joy.

Love you!

Ginger said...

What a fabulous moment for all of you! So happy he's home safe and sound!

Paul & Nancy said...

What a great video. *sigh* ;-)

Angela said...

what a great video. good job camera guy..
what an awesome moment for you all. i loved your reaction when you picked him out. i keep watching this over and over again. so glad hes back =)

ScrapnKel said...

OmG!!! I just saw this and WOW! What a super happy moment and thank you for the video!!!