Saturday, May 02, 2009

Shower Day

Happy baby shower day to my little sister!! Both mom and I wish we could be there but I'm there in spirit and I feel that I contributed a lot to it...I made the invitations and the favors and since she's at her shower now and there is no risk of her seeing this before the party I can finally post pictures of my creations! My idea was to take a photo of each guest with Nancy as they came in and print the photos and put them in the clear acrylic frames which I wrote on with paint marker as a souvenir of the day. I made enough even for those that couldn't attend (lots of out of town guests on the list of invites) and we will add a photo of Nancy with all her gifts for those people. I think it's a good idea for those people to use the frames as a thank you for their gift even if they couldn't be there today. :)

The candies are blue M&M's and blue hershey's kisses with "It's a Boy" on the tags. I had the ribbons printed and Alex picked out the little bassinet to put at the end of the date since he was with me the day I ordered them. I think they turned out really cute. :)

We did a lot of planning and rearranging but managed to get most of the living room furniture in that mom had at her house, when she walked in on tuesday after I brought her home she said "It looks so pretty here." I think she was happy to see her furniture and her things here, it made her feel at home. Still have a lot of work to do...tons of pictures to hang up on the walls but it will get done eventually.

Mom's room was changed around as well because I put the large dresser that she had in her guest bedroom in her room and I added a small chair from her office as well as her prized heart shaped table with glass top where she kept some very precious pieces she has collected over the years.


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Gorgeous favors! You really outdid yourself! I'm so glad your mom is there and in the midst of all her belongings...that's got to feel good for her.

Anonymous said...

your are good! very nice work

nice shower day to Nancy

kove Madeleine

Anonymous said...

ment love

ScrapnKel said...

Oh I love the baby shower favors!! You did a fantastic job. What are the little containers you used? Lots of prayers for you and Mom!!

Nancy n Paul said...

House looks good. Shower was great!

Anonymous said...

looks good. mom and pookie look comfy in chair.prayers with you and your family

June said...

Linda love the baby shower favors, you are so creative!! Your Mom looks happy in her chair, it has to be better having her things with her.

Praying still for the treatment and for your Mom. {{hug}}