Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale tonight

Well...another season of American Idol has come to an end and once again I didn't pick the winner...what else is new? Actually last season I loved David Cook but didn't think he would win and I was surprised that he did...I totally thought David Archuletta would win...strange...just goes to show you that anything can happen on reality TV.

I know that mom would have been so disappointed because she loved Adam just as much as I did...even when she was in the hospital recently she told the nurse, "He's my man...." when she could barely put 2 words together she managed to show her love of music to those around her. Mom would have truly loved the show tonight because Rod Stewart made an appearance and he was one of her favorite artists of all time. Tomorrow when I go visit her I will tell her all about how Rod Stewart performed tonight and how much she would have enjoyed seeing him on stage even if he didn't sing her favorite song, Downtown Train.

I love how mom and I shared our love of music together and how we both liked Adam Lambert from the beginning of the American Idol season...we had such similar tastes in music and there was nothing I enjoyed more than watching our favorite show together up until she wasn't well enough to watch.

David Cook performed tonight as well and they talked about his brother a little bit and I noticed that he was wearing a black arm band and it was a pretty heartfelt song that he sang and I'm sure it was incredibly hard for him to get through it...his brother recently died of a brain tumor about 3 weeks ago.

One of the highlights of the show for me tonight was when Adam performed with KISS...but when he sang part of "Beth" by himself it brought back so many memories from when I was 16 years old and in high really is incredible how one song can do that.

I loved Peter Criss and the song Beth was so haunting and I adored it and I can remember a friend of mine was going to see Kiss on their tour and I wrote a letter to Peter and my friend gave it to him backstage and I couldn't believe it when the next day at school he handed me a handwritten note that he had written back to me! I suppose when you are 16 years old it doesn't take much to get your excited but even after all these years hearing the song performed on American Idol brought back all of those memories for me and I can still see myself holding that note and reading the words on the paper and showing it to mom and she was just as excited as I was that a famous person took the time to write me back.

Mom is not really conscious anymore and is sleeping almost all of the time but I know if we had been watching American Idol together tonight she would have heard that rendition of "Beth" by Adam and she would have remembered how much I loved that song when I was just a young girl. I know that Adam didn't win but I am sure he will be very successful just like past contestants who didn't make it to the finish. Rock on, Adam!


Anonymous said...

she loved that program she speak to me about it when she was well
mist her
love madeleine

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Tell Nini that Kaylee and I are Adam fans, too. Kaylee and one of her friends made Adam Lambert t-shirts and wore them to school today! We think Kris is a cutie, but Adam is "amazing". (Does that sound like what a 13 year old would say? :) Please give Nini a hug for us. Praying for you all.
Love, Julie and Kaylee

ScrapnKel said...

I'm sorry, not an Adam fan, a Kris fan here, but Adam did do well and sure put on a show each time. :) I look forward to hearing Kris on the radio one day!