Saturday, May 23, 2009

50 years ago today

May 23rd, 1959 and it was the day that my mom and dad got married! If dad had lived they would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. Mom was just 17 years old and yes if you followed the fact that yesterday was her birthday...she was 16 and they wanted to be married but waited until she turned 17 and the very next day they were husband and wife. When my dad passed away they were married just 26 years and he was taken from us way too the age of 47...but now I think about it and mom is 67 and will not make it to her next birthday so it boggles my mind when I think about the numbers...married at 17....widowed when dad was 47 and she will likely pass away at 67. It's odd but since my stepdad passed away in 2003 mom always would have a thing with numbers and whenever she would look at the clock and see certain numbers she would say that Koop was telling her something or sending her a message like if we would be talking about doing something or not and she would look at the clock and it would say 11:11 she would tell me that Koop said "Go for it, Neesee!" It's just many "7"'s in milestones in mom's life.

Today was a good day for me because even though I realize that mom's time to leave this world is coming close she opened her eyes wide and smiled at me 3 times this afternoon and I will cherish this day forever!! She knew my voice and knew that I was there with her and gave me that smile that she always did whenever she was happy or comfortable. I feel blessed to have had that time with her this afternoon and I look forward to spending more time with her tomorrow, no matter what the outcome. I have been so pleased with the level of caring and treatment she has received at the hospice facility and it has helped me to know that she is being treated with love and dignity by everyone there. The social worker and the director have been wonderful to me and always ask about how Alex is doing because they know how close he was to his grandma. Alex is going to be referred for grief counseling and will be able to attend a free summer camp with other kids his age who have suffered loss in their lives and I think it will be good for him considering the fact that he lost his cousin last year and now he is losing his grandma at such a young age.

I spent some more time working in my scrapbook room today and I figured I would post some pictures of my new stainless steel pegboards. I have 2 sections that are 2X4 and they are on either side of the window that faces the front of the house. I like to work by natural light so I have my table where I'll be working on my layouts right by the window.

I am pretty excited that AC Moore has a 50% coupon for tomorrow and monday so I should be able to pick up the last 4 Jetmax cubes that I need to complete my storage wall. :)


Anonymous said...

23rd was my dauther 17th wedding anniverseray

love the picture


June said...

What a wonderful story about your Mom and Dad, thank you for sharing it. And that is wonderful that your Mom recognized you and smiled that smile you know so well. A precious memory for you. {{{hug}}}

Your organization and peg boards look great, and makes doing your scrapbooks so much easier I'm sure.

Hugs and prayers my friend