Monday, May 25, 2009

Grateful for our Veterans and Armed Forces

Today we reflect and remember those who served and continue to serve this amazing country that we have the privilege to live where there if freedom and democracy. I thank my son, Robert, for giving 4 years of his life for that very freedom that we hold dear.

Mom's nurse commented to me yesterday, "There were 2 wonderful young men here this morning and they had both come off the overnight shift and they obviously love their grandmother very much, were those your boys?" and I proudly answered that they are, I couldn't ask for better sons and I know that mom felt them and their love for her.

Today Alex came with Jim and I to visit mom and he was apprehensive but he did kiss her and tell her that he loves her after I told him that she was just sleeping. Mom smells so good every time I bend to kiss her so I know the aides are doing a tremendous job on keeping her clean and comfortable and I will forever be grateful to the staff at the Hospice Inn. I have actually been thinking about doing some volunteer work there in the future and I plan to discuss that with the social worker on staff.

I hope that whatever you are doing on this holiday you are spending quality time with someone that you love.


Anonymous said...

We have remembring day on November 11

love Madeleine

June said...

Thinking of Robert and your whole family today. You have wonderful sons and a wonderful husband, so glad for the time you all have together with your Mom.