Friday, February 06, 2009

You Tube

I know there are so many videos on You Tube and a lot of them are just useless and silly but I have a You Tube page and I pretty much just use it to share any concert videos that I happen to get when I go see a band or solo artist that I like. I have so many different musical tastes from jazz to pop to rock and for that reason I am often at a concert...especially in the summer months I'll try to hit up a few shows at Jones Beach. By far my favorite thing to do is just sit at my computer and search some old stuff that I enjoyed back in my teenage years...bands like Supertramp, Genesis, The Strawbs and Nektar. While the first 2 are pretty well known I'm sure most of you reading this have no clue who Nektar and The Strawbs are. In the early 80's I got into a group called Hiroshima and I was happy to find them on You Tube as well.

Honestly I just love it when I'm home and just hanging out in my scrapbooking room and I can search You Tube for something random from my younger days and listen in the background or even watch the old stuff.

What oldies, but goodies come to mind for you? Search them up on You Tube and see what you come up with. I just spent a little time on it and looked up Christopher Cross and listened to him singing "Think of Laura" and it brought me back to the old days of Luke and Laura on General Hospital and then I searched up Henry Gross and listened to my favorite song of all time, "Shannon."

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