Friday, February 13, 2009

Feed readers

The new library website is going to be a wonderful tool for patrons, I love the new layout and feel of it. The fact that there are feeds to explore on there is something that I think will really help patrons find things more easily (at least those that are computer savvy not so much those that don't use computers much). My experience with the feeds (putting myself into patron mode here) was that I was able to subscribe to the library's feed for upcoming programs so now I can glance on my Google reader and know what programs we have coming up that might be of interest to me. My opinion is that those patrons who use computers and have a good knowledge of them will enjoy the new options available to them via our new website but those who simply use the website to search for a book or movie might not really appreciate the changes and upgrades to the site.

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I am still reaging you and find this enteresting
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